Scholarship Donation

Your donation will go towards the SCC General Scholarship. To achieve our mission, we depend on the generous support of individuals like you. We are grateful for your generosity and hope you take great pride in the important difference that your gift makes.
The price must be from $1.00 to $10,000.00

Student success and academic excellence are hallmarks of Scottsdale Community College. Even with our low tuition at $85 per credit hour, many students attending SCC do so on a limited budget, and some never make it through the registration process due to financial hardship and inability to pay. We want every student with a desire to attend college to have that option, regardless of their financial situation. That’s where you come in. Generous donations from alumni, employees, community members, businesses and foundations make attending college possible for students from all walks of life. As part of the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation “Campaign for Student Success,” SCC is seeking investment for our general scholarship fund and for initiatives to support and enhance innovation, academic excellence and student success.

Millions of dollars of need goes unmet each year…your gift will help close that gap. Thank you!